Tuesday, March 04, 2008

40 Degrees of Separation


After gifting us with the delicious squid jerky, B had to hit the road again for work. While they don't have squid jerky in Idaho, my native state, hopefully B will be able to bring us something back other than Idaho Spud bars. Even if I could eat chocolate, I wouldn't consume one of these. The cheerleaders used to throw these out at basketball games at B and J's alma mater, and the students would usually throw them back. A truly foul sweet... If only the cheerleaders would switch to squid jerky. Now that would be something.

At any rate, spring paid us a brief visit on Saturday. Here we are sunning ourselves on the deck in the 70 degree weather. J wore shorts and her legs looked kind of like my coat, but not in a good way. I mean, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but one hyphenated word springs to mind: SELF-TANNER.

The balmy day was followed by a 40 degree drop in temperature, howling winds, and some snow. J even put on the crinkly pants to go snowboarding and called it off when the roads got too nasty. This meant she could take care of more important matters, like attending to us.

I may be old, but I can still hold my own in the classic frolic event.

Thanks to the shift in weather and the radiant heat from the ground, the snow was ultra-sloppy. This resulted in the unfortunate effect pictured here.

And now we await Ben's return sometime next week. I may sleep until then.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Squid Jerky

Hello again. Sorry that I have been away from the blog for a while but I have been very busy being old. I just experienced a new treat that I just have to share with you all out there. You see B just returned from a trip to Korea and Japan. While I have tried to keep B and J's identities relatively secret if any of you are playing guessing games I assure that B is not a member of the NY Philharmonic. Far from it.

Anyhow B has been over there before which made this trip even less interesting than usual for me except that this time he brought me back a snack. You see the Japanese seem to define food as being whatever ends up in the fishing net. It could be seaweed, tuna, weird things with eyes, or squid. That's right squid. B was nice enough to bring me back some squid jerky from Japan. I'm glad he didn't buy me any jerky in Korea who knows what could be in that!

He tells me that you buy it in highway rest stops just like here in the states. Sort of like Jack Links only Tentacle Links.

Mmm Tasty!

Rocky the idiot savant likes it.

It is a bit chewy though. It was nice of B to bring me a treat from far away. To bad he and J can't bring me treats from nearby very often!!!