Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Unfairness...

George Lucas enjoys suing people who dare to sully the Star Wars brand with fan fiction, image manipulation, or those who so much as dare to try to take a small piece of the 20 billion dollars in merchandise revenue that has been generated by the beloved franchise since 1977. My question is, who is going to sue Lucas for the following "coincidence?"

Battle Droid from one of the crappy Star Wars prequels.

My cousin Eddie.

Back to the Hotel

These are the salad days...My Great Oppressors and I are kicking it in a hotel for a couple of days enjoying the wonders of air conditioning and Stephen Colbert. This is me watching Stephen Colbert in the hotel.

No, seriously. That's me under there.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Into the Woods

After spending nearly a week with Great Oppressor J's family in Idaho when Great Oppressor B went to see his family in New York, I have been rewarded for my week of sitting around waiting for one of my Great Oppressors to return with... the reuniting of the Great Oppressors in Montana. That's a lot of Great Oppression to cram into one sentence! The wireless access at the hotel is certainly an added bonus, since I was going insane there in Oregon with such limited opportunities to jack in. Great Oppressor B is worn out from a long day of traveling and may not stir for another day or so, but J seems to be a bit livelier despite her 16-mile hike yesterday. She was hiking in from here...

Great Oppressor B and I will be joining Great Oppressor J next week for her last stint in the woods, and then we will all be together again in semi-lovely Denver, where my life will again adopt some consistency. This traveling around really wears a girl out, so I am superpsyched to get some time in the woods and then return to my couch. Hopefully J won't have to spend too much time in the woods cleaning up things like this...

This seat and the accompanying unburied poop was four miles from the trailhead, left for Great Oppressor J to clean up and pack out. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people are animals.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jag: Not the Crappy TV Show

This summer has meant a long time living with Great Oppressor B while Great Oppressor J is spending most of her time in Montana where I used to live. Soon we will all be reunited and I will have better access to the Internet, at which point I will be able to resume a steady flurry of blog entries. To my loyal readers disappointed by my recent output, I offer a face that could melt a thousand hearts.


And in similar news of unbearable cuteness, here is an article about one of my new favorite public figures, Jag the Political Animal. Jag's Great Oppressor is the esteemed Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who wears bolo ties, jeans, and takes Jag to work even though a small minority of the unenlightened consider Schweitzer's choice of dress and animal-friendly policy "unprofessional." Honestly, is it any surprise that Schweitzer dresses in jeans and boots? Cleaning up the muck and manure left by the foul Worst Governor Ever Judy Martz requires practical clothing. Anyway, Great Oppressor J visited the Montana Governor's House last night for a Democratic fundraiser and watched the Gov throw around the frisbee for young Jag, whose appearance on 60 Minutes generated a flurry of phone calls requesting his stud services. Is this a sign that dogs are taking this country back? Perhaps Schweitzer brings Jag to work because of his advisory skills. Four legs good, two legs bad.