Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sid and Rocky's Day

Well today was a Sunday. I don't really go by days much as B and J's schedules don't ever seem to make sense at all. However the day was off to a nice start, a lazy morning on the deck in the sun. B sleepy and groggy, J strangely motivated to tidy the house. The day seemed to me to be what a Sunday is supposed to be like. Unfortunately it didn't last. B and J got dressed up for a wedding and left. So lame. This left Rocky and I without much to do around the house.

I thought I'd use this post to share how we spent our afternoon and evening. Rocky got busy on his oral fixation:

He made short work of a "dog proof" stuffed toy, several bones and somehow got the insole out of one of J's sneakers.

On the other hand, I stayed on the couch and exercised my intellect with the computer. Oh yes that's right I spent the afternoon plumbing the depths of youtube. I found two clips to share that I think are kind of funny. B really likes old punk rock like the Misfits and even likes their completely lame former singer Danzig. Personally I think the man should be named Stanley because ever since he left the Misfits he has been a tool!

That clip pretty much sums it up.

The other one is kind of about how silly I think humans are. They always want to do things the hard way. This one uses the Lord of the Rings to tell the tale.

Yep, I am all about doing things the easy way...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This is Sid's House

So I welcome the poor little orphan Rocky into my home. I show him every courtesy, share my food with him, walks, B and J's attention. I don't snap at him when he bites my ankles or steps on me (he is a little clumsy). How does the little cretin repay me? He acts like he owns the place, tries to monopolize B and J, and then he has the audacity to steal my password and take over my blog. Sure I don't post very often these days, but quality takes time.

So I decided it was time to put my foot down and command a little respect...

The kennel might by Rocky's, but it is in my house!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Living in America

Hello there. Rocky here. Sid has not been pulling her weight blog-wise so I decided to take a stab at it. This entry is about things I like. The first thing I like is living in America. Just like the movie where my namesake fights the Russian guy.

I really like my chair.
I like to eat the fertilizer B put on the lawn today.
I like that B and J take me on walks twice a day no matter what.

I really like the pig J got me.
I like the trash almost as much as Sid

I really like my kennel. Inside and on top.

I like Sid's ankles. They taste good.
I also like B and J's shoes, socks, underwear, and J's shirts and jackets.

I really like it here. I am still really nervous and high strung, but it is cool. That is just how I am.