Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forecast: Lame

I would like to commence my healing process with a series of impressions.
1.Check me out! I'm a bike with a kickstand!

Actually, B and J were able to remove my bandage today, replacing my peg leg from yesterday with a hairless, stapled, sore leg that resembles a turkey drumstick.

2. Oh, take your pick. I'm an easy target right now. Cement mixer, modernist lampshade, satellite dish, whatever... At least I get good reception. I can't even get this picture to flip over but I'm leaving it this way so that you, dear reader, can have just a little taste of how much I just don't care right now.

This whole surgery thing has really messed with my joie de vivre. The Great Oppressors will never get away with this. Seriously, they had better not $%^& with me.

Step off, people...

1 comment:

Simon the Beagle said...

Oh, my dear Sid. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Good news though, you still are gorgeous. Also another bitch I know had the same issue and she is back to running in the wilds of Montana. It's not perfect, and it took a bit of time, but it did get better.
Keep your spirits up and make the G-Os feel guilty for a while. More treats that way.