Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Urine Trouble Now

Today's blog is brought to you by my new sponsors, Urine Gone. Thanks to Bonnie at Sales and Marketing for this great opportunity. I promise to represent the brand with pride, integrity, and enthusiasm. As stated on the company's site, "Getting rid of stains and odors caused by cat,
dog or human urine can be exasperating." Indeed... And while cats are listed as Urine Offenders Numeros Unos, Urine Gone can erase the evidence of any unfortunate human accident as well.
Now, some of you may accuse me of selling out or stooping to baseness. Let me explain. I secured my sponsorship after Great Oppressor Number Two kept getting sponsored Gmail links to Urine Gone, The Truth About Cat Urine, and Urine-Off.com. Did her e-mails contain anything about urine, cats, or otherwise? No. There appeared to be no observable connection. But as I heard her discussing the links with Great Oppressor Number One, I realized that the links were being sent to ME. A Sicilian message... So I followed up, and here I am, sponsored. Soon, I will have enough revenue to buy my freedom. Tell your friends!


Connie said...

Thank god it works for human urine too. Vile vile. I know that Miles and Selma HATE it when we pee on the carpet.

Sid the Dog said...

It's good to know that some humans are at least starting to admit that there might be a problem. How many animals have suffered in silence for years?