Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, it's raining at Mount Hood again. Su-prise, su-prise. Don't get me wrong, Oregon is cool but it's a little depressing this week what with my family, uh, I mean Great Oppressors, facing the long separation of the summer. The rain just makes things seem a bit glum. So, in order to show my displeasure, I rolled in some stinky poo whilst on a walk with B. He couldn't find a hose to give me a good rinse, so he did the best he could to wash me off with the limited resources at his disposal and I reveled in my rare act of civil disobedience. Normally I don't advocate childish things like rolling in poop, but if you really want to make a statement, nothing says "screw you Great Oppressors" quite like it. Maybe I'm going to miss Great Oppressor J after all. I was looking forward to having B all to myself but I suppose things tend to be better when we're all together.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Yo! Smooth. My parents took me camping and wouldn't let me sleep in the tent with them, so I ate their garbage and took myself for a walk along Hwy 12. My mom got so mad, she chained me to the truck the next night, I have to admit, it was better than being chained to a tree because it was RAINING ALL NIGHT. Not to let her get the upper hand, I squeaked all night. Sleep is a crutch. I think that is two points for the old Miles and two for mom and dad. I have yet to admit a tie, so I am saving some doozies for this week. Then they will know who is boss.

Peace out.