Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm Out

Tomorrow begins my road trip with Great Oppressor B. I can hardly wait to roll down the endless wasteland that is the Great I-80. At least B got an iPod this spring so we don't have to deal with the CD player skipping. Hopefully he won't ask me to drive all that much, since I really hate dealing with all of the truckers traveling across Wyoming. Why does Wyoming have to suck so bad? I mean, really, I'd rather go back to the pound rather than spend one night in either Rock Springs or Rawlins and I'm a dog. Usually any place that contains food and things to pee on is just as good as any, but both of those towns have this patina of despair that is unbearable even to my cheery disposition. But at least we're just passing through.


Connie said...

Don't forget to blog. Sad!

wally said...

i can relate to the wyoming crappiness. i once was on a road trip to denver and we got stuck in a snow storm in wyo. yeah--a trip to denver in march was a great idea, stupid naked apes. i used the opportunity to make snow angels and eat a can of peanuts surreptitiously in the backseat.
any state that elected old annie oakley cheney is immediately suspect in my book.
i hope you can still blog. we've got to keep these naked apes from monopolizing the blog-o-sphere.

Sid the Dog said...

Don't worry! I'll send out missives whenever I can. There might be some unfortunate gaps in my posting schedule, but as a working dog, I cannot shirk my duties.
Wyoming sucked accordingly. Have you ever heard of how much taxpayer money goes to setting up Cheney at his "ranch" in Jackson Hole? Great Oppressors/naked apes really are nuts.