Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Search for Magic

I have to admit, I've been thinking about what would happen if my dream comes true and the American public selects me as the new face of Old Navy. Do I really want the trappings of fame? The paparazzi following my every move, gossip columnists analyzing my personal life, the contents of my poop described on the blogosphere for everyone to see? And will money really answer my problems? I mean, sure, winning the grand prize might win me freedom from The Great Oppressors but will it really grant me FREEDOM? Freedom from our consumerist culture, freedom from stereotypes, freedom from the restrictive expectations forced upon my species by thousands of years? I do not have the answer to these questions, but I promise that if I get this part then I will use my newfound fame to advance the cause of my species. We have been disenfranchised for too long.

So vote for Sid in the Search for Magic competition! LA Lakers, fast playmakers, kings of the court shake and bake all takers! Back to back is a matter of fact! A fact that remains... Intact!

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