Thursday, November 09, 2006


This post is about the three words I hate the most. NOT FOR DOGS. This is a phrase B and J use when I want something that they don't want to give to me. They learned it years ago from the Oppressor of a Corgie-Dachshund mix named Mister Turtle who was pretty much the coolest dog ever (I wish you could have met him Wally).

Anyhow, the idea is that the phrase denies me from the tasty morsel without me feeling like I'm being punished. What a crock. B and J ordered a pizza for dinner which smelled really good. The last time I was around pizza was with a friend of J's who gave me A LOT of it. So naturally I assumed that tonight's dinner would be a repeat. No such luck. I was greeted with "NOT FOR DOGS SIDNEY." Those jerks.

I put the picture of Wiener Schnitzel up because I have no doubt that if the prince of foods ever graces B and J's table I'll hear those three terrible words.


wally said...

not for dogs? no such thing! my naked apes always try to tell me "dogs don't even like x" when they know it's not true--i'll eat anything. i have eaten the following: any fruit or vegetable (including citrus fruits), dried noodles, sheets of nori, hot chocolate powder, and wasabi peas. and once, an entire bottle of my rimadyl (which led to me eating a lot of charcoal. i don't recommend it).

if i were you i'd give 'em the sad eyes as if to say 'not just a little? to honor the memory of mister turtle?


Anonymous said...

My moms say "dogs don't like pizza." or cake, beans, cookies,'s all lies!