Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow Day

So, the Great Oppressors and I are hunkered down here in lovely Denver, where a fun-filled state of emergency was declared due to the gigormous snowstorm that pummeled Colorado. J managed to get out early yesterday morning to grab the requisite supplies of food, movies, several episodes of Big Love, and booze. B did a nice job clearing our walk with only an avalanche shovel. We could use a real snowshovel for Festivus. At first, I thought that B and J might stage a reenactment of the Shining (that's odd... The blood usually gets off at the second floor...) but now they seem to be enjoying being cooped up in the house together lounging around guilt-free. As you can see by the following sets of pictures, there is a lot of snow here (somewhere around two feet).

Our back yard.

J's car in the front of the house.

B with his long black molester coat shoveling the front walk. I'm doing my best impression of a government supervisor.

J took me for a walk in the street.

The neighborhood Christmas decorations have seen better days. Not to be an alarmist, but I do have to point out the unfortunate resemblance to a meeting of a certain Southern fraternal organization.

Here I am, relaxing at my rightful place on the couch. All is well here. It's a Festivus miracle!


Connie said...

Nice Simpsons' reference.

Enjoy your snugglefest. Happy Festivus.


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

That nativity scene kinda rules out any Benetton-type Jesus, doesn't it?

Now, how did you wangle your way onto the couch? That, my friend, is impressive.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

wally said...


that's a load of snow! i think it is taller than me. i hope you are hunkered down with plenty of snacks and a warm spot on the couch.


ps. my granny got bitten by a donkey in a natvity scene last week. look out for those things.

Simon said...

Happy Festivus, Sid! In honor of the occassion, I would like to air my grievence that there is very little snow here in Montana. Not that I really like the snow that much, but a storm like that gives me hope that my baby brother Franklin would be buried in it and would live me alone for a gosh darn minute! Also, I am jealous of the snuggling on the couch.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Sid,
First we want to thank you very much for your lovely Christmas card. We just got it today!! Wow, you got lots of snow! Boo hoo, we don't have any, and won't even have one drop for Christmas. Gee, a green Christmas in Iowa, kinda weird don't cha know? We think your snow is taller than us! We would have to tunnel under it like moles, hehehehe! Hope you stay safe & warm at home on the couch. Have a Merry Christmas!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Freda said...

Hi Sid and Elvis,

Thanks for the cooools card. I think Elvis will do well to remain in the Armys and then he would be a general and help us in Iraq. Or somethings like that.

Sid, I use to live in Aurora until one two one two (three) years ago. Then we moved to the left coast. The spy photo of you playin' in the deep snows reminds me of our last winter in Colorado. The ol' blizzard of '03.

My secretary just laughed and laughed Wednesday as he watched the KUSA webcast of the storm and DIA. He was not arfin' cuz all the humans and stuffs were havin' problems. (He felt sorry for them, knowin' exactly how it feels.) He was just soooo happys that we were not there this time. 2003 was bad, but nothin' like '82 last century. He missed one two one two (three) days of work at the zoo durin' that storms. ( Hee hee, he says.)

Storms are cooools when your humans don't have to go anywheres for your foods, treats and toys.

Happy Festivus!, the cooools celebration for the rest of us. Please sniff out our celebration last year. (DeltaBunny: OUR FESTIVUS CELEBRATION) and (DeltaBunny: HAPPY FESTIVUS TO ALL!!)

That looks like a Cone Head nativity scenes to me.

Thanks again for the neato card and Happy Holidays to you and your Oppressors.


P.S. I do miss plowin' throughs the snow with my nose. That was pure neato!

Do you like the beta Blogger? My typist says we are bein' forced to use it and it makes me very mads. Somethin' about 1984 gets to me.

BLU and Comet said...

Happy Festivus to you! My girl pulled out the Festivus pole to take to a party tonight.

Hope you stay warm in all that snow!
Comet and BLU
ps. We got your card. It's great!

Sid the Dog said...

Connie- Happy Festivus!
Tin Tin- Agreed on the Benetton-type Jesus. As for the couch, the Great Oppressors are weak. It's a good thing the Dog Whisperer guy doesn't see our family life because I spend most of my relaxation time there.
Wally- Donkey? I hope your granny is okay!
Simon- So glad to hear from you on this happy Festivus season! I would like to air a grievance regarding the lack of snow in Montana as well, since it reduces the chances of us making a visit up there so the Great Oppressors can wear the crinkly snow pants and go skiing/snowboarding.
Butchy and Snickers- So sorry about the green Christmas! The image of you two tunneling around our yard like moles made me laugh. Loved your card as well!
Freda- Props to Aurora and to Festivus! Not so much to Beta Blogger, although we switched after they worked out the kinks...
Comet and Blu- Loved your card as well! Happy Festivus!