Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick Of It All

Well I'm sick. It sucks. My eyes are all gooey and I don't have much energy. I've got some sort of flu bug and it has been winning so far. I wish B and J would give me some saltines and triscuits like they eat when they get sick.

Since B and J don't have any television I've had to do my best to entertain myself with the internet. The web really does fill the same niche as the VH1 shows I'd be watching and getting annoyed with if the Great O's had the tele. For example:

I mean really does it get any more VH1 than that??? It has been nice catching up on old videos from my favorite Austrian popstar. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.

1 comment:

wally said...

sid--sorry 'bout the bugs getting you down. stay strong. fantastic falco video--and brigette nielsen! red sonja herself. woo! i'm more of an abba fan myself but that video is fantastic.