Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Sweet Spots

In spite of B and J's best efforts I continue to be in good spirits. My spots have returned to my leg and I have returned to my favorite spots like the sofa downstairs. I really want to be snotty and irritated with the Oppressors, but for whatever reason I can't be. It isn't that they have been treating me any differently, just that I am feeling good. My appetite is back in full effect and my leg feels normal. I hope that the X-rays in a few weeks show that my leg is as good as it feels.

B and J went to see Michael Clayton without me and while I should be rather annoyed with them about it I have been dozing on the couch imagining that J's hand petting me is actually Mr Clooney's. All in all it is probably better to daydream about George than to see a stupid movie about stressed out lawyers.


wally said...

I've never understood why we can't go to movies. We'd be quieter than those brats they let in. Or I could just spend the whole time in the popcorn machine, eating my way out.


Sid the Dog said...

Amen to that! With your size, you'd be ideally suited for munching your way through the delicious forbidden kernels.

And you'd think they'd appreciate the cleanup services we could provide... I'd do a much more thorough job than some bitter high school student forced to work at the local United Artists.