Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekends Are Nice

Weekends don't usually mean very much when you are a dog. Even when you are a "working" dog. They mean especially little when you work for B and J who have jobs that involve work on the weekends, travel, random days off, and frequently working from home. This weekend was different and I must say that I enjoyed the change. Both of the Oppressors had the weekend off and they spent it at home doing home stuff.

The weather was really nice so they worked on preparing the garden area for the spring. This was a lot of work because the creeper ground cover that B tried to kill with an herbicide didn't die and was hard to remove. B and J got it out of there and transplanted it to the bank in the backyard. They took the sod from the garden areas and put it on my favorite dead spot.

I hope the squirrels who bury their nuts and sunflower seeds from the local bird feeders don't let the new grass stop them. There is a really fat one I've been seeing around who will make a nice trophy for me when my leg is better...

B and J also did other stuff around the house and took me for some walks. All in all it has been a good weekend. You may be wondering what I was doing other than going on those walks. You can probably guess, but in case you can't.


wally said...

OH MY DOG! I had no idea you were BACK and BETTER THAN EVER, Sid! So glad to see you--though, jeez, I missed your busted leg, everything! What a horrible friend. Well, I'm glad to see you back and looking better than ever, bit of gimp and all!


Gussie said...

Hi Sid, enjoyed reading about your gardening and recovery and STUFF. You keep monopolising that sofa. xxJake.