Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to the Heelerdome

Why, hello.

How lovely to see you. I am sorry Comrade Sid has neglected her duties as our designated scribe but things have been positively bustling around here at the Heelerdome. The Great Oppressors seem to have been taken in by my "poor little rescue dog found in a cornfield in Kansas" cover story and I've established myself in the family unit quite nicely. With the help of Comrade Sid, who has been residing here in deep cover for 11 years, I've been spending my time here getting to know the weaknesses, routines, and established patterns of this particular pair of Great Oppressors. While of course I will not rest until we dogs can overthrow all Great Oppressors, I'm pleased to report that I'm getting treated pretty well while I'm here devising clever schemes. Although the Oppressors are holding steady on certain ground rules, I'm quite certain it's only a matter of time before I can turn the situation completely to my advantage. Until then, I am seeing just how well my facade of abandoned Kansas cornfield urchin can disguise my attempts at subterfuge.

My first act of sabotage was to destroy some dangerous human propaganda before B and J had the chance to really absorb its teachings.

Ha! Take that, foul hypnotist! Your mind control schemes are no match for my intellect!

My second act was to gain access to J's place of employment, where I could study other Great Oppressors in their natural environment. I discovered that there is an unlimited supply of dog treats called "Z Filets" and other high-quality meat products at J's office, so I am devising a plan to redistribute some wealth soon, if you catch my drift.

Third act is ongoing... TURN ON THE CHARM!!!!!!! This is war, and I intend to bend them to my will. Don't we look sweet in this picture? I would wager that anyone who licks their computer screen right now will be greeted with a taste reminiscent of honey on a summer's morn.

That's right, the heelers will control the means of production! Don't let Sid's comatose demeanor fool you. We are a force to be reckoned with. Take us to your pack leader when the signs point to revolution, and we shall lead you to a new dawn!


PKPWV said...

what beautiful controlled destruction of the Great Oppressors reading material. nicely done!!! And boy can we turn on the charm!!! Nicely done


wally said...

Woofers of the world UNITE!

That photo is saccharine sweet. I am certain the apes are close to melting. To each according to their wants from each according to their slave apes.


ps My ma ape thinks you should make one of those shirts for Nebraska!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Stay storng against the Oppressors: how could they possibly do anythign other than fold against such cunning intellect?