Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Return of B

Well, it's been another long week here at the Heelersphere. B returned from his long trip to Europe and a stretch of 58 hours with only 5 hours of sleep only to find a new dog who was less than tolerant of his presence. Rocky greeted his new Great Oppressor with a combination of growls and barks, calming down only when B retreated to the bedroom and slept for 15 hours straight.

When he emerged from hibernation, I rather enjoyed some time spent with B on the couch doing some light reading. Normally I would replace B's visage with the head of George Clooney to protect his anonymity and give me something dreamy to look at, but J no longer has Photoshop on her computer so I'm breaking protocol here.

Since Friday, we have been slowly cracking Rocky's shell of fear. When J leaves, Rocky no longer barks at B for long stretches of time. Rocky allows B to lead him on walks, will take food from B's hand, and even allows the odd pet before he forgets that he is terrified of him. He still growls when Ben emerges from the basement, but hey, who doesn't?

B also went on a cleaning spree, which was much appreciated by all other Heelersphere residents. It is nice to see his jet lag dissipate along with Rocky's fear. Otherwise, not much to report here. Nothing to see here, people. Nothing to see...


Kathryn and Ari said...

I really love that last photo: everyone looks so cozy! You all must be thrilled to be united as a pack again.

Sid the Dog said...

We are, thanks! It feels good to have added more members to the pack as well, especially since I'm still the only dog who's allowed to sleep on the bed. It's the little privileges of age that keep me going.


PKPWV said...


You are the lucky one if you're the only one allowed to sleep on the bed! Woo Hoo. I like the addition to your pack...you have a nice family now.


wally said...

Oh my dog! I can't believe I have been neglecting your blog and had no idea you have a GENTLEMAN CALLER. He's totally awesome. In particular, I have the same fear of dudes! I am a militant feminist, you know. Does he try to protect you from The Dudes?

Also--my ma ape was so excited about Deep Blue Sea! And we are at a total loss about why LL Cool J did not receive an Oscar for his moving performance.


Sid the Dog said...

Hi Velcro-
Thanks!Rocky is trying to infiltrate the bed but thus far I hold strong.

Hey Wally!!
Good to see you, my friend! I am intrigued by your distrust of Dudes... Rocky seems to be coming to terms with them, but I sense he will never be a Dude's Dude. He's my sensitive new age guy. Do you protect Ethel as well?

SO true about LL Cool J. J was wondering if your Ma Ape managed to listen to the song in the closing credits, "My Head Is Like a Shark's Fin." If she hasn't, LL was also totally overlooked for the Best Song category! J also wanted to know who was responsible for misting Thomas Jane.