Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

You like me! You really, really like me! Opy the Original Gruffpuppy has just informed me that I have been nominated for Awesome Blog of the Month over at the Bone Zone. A shout out to those who nominated me for this great honor. I haven't had much luck with campaigning before, as my attempts to become the new spokesdog for Old Navy (scroll down to the bottom of May's archive and read up to get the full scoop on my failed efforts) were met with indifference from the panel of celebrity judges. To which I say, damn you Betty White and Kristen Chenoweth!!! Anyway, I'm not bitter about my past losses. I'm moving on... I've got more political lives than Bill Clinton! And to even be nominated for such an honor is, well, an honor. So thanks! And don't forget to go to the polls and vote for Sid!


wally said...

sid--awesome! i'm going to go vote for you. it looks like you are currently behind in the polling which makes me suspicious--they're not letting floridians or ohioans run the voting are they?


Sid the Dog said...

Thanks Wally! I'm definitely getting smoked in the polls, but given the current political climate of dog-blogging cyberspace I think my candidacy is somewhat akin to Jello Biafra's San Francisco mayoral campaign in 1979. This is not a slight to my esteemed opponents, only an observation that my musings tend to place me more into the "wingnut" category. But hey, I gotta be me!