Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad Day

So, whilst walking with J this morning, I was viciously attacked by a wasp. This made the walk home a little painful and slow, and has put me in a bit of a foul mood. The attack was completely unprovoked, and senseless acts of violence tend to make me extremely irritable, particularly when they are committed against me. Anyway, so then I spent the morning on the couch, feeling a little better at this point, and then J came back from her morning stint as a teaching assistant a little irritated with herself for not exactly hitting a home run with her morning lecture. Then J had to call a former employer of hers to interview him for a project, and she got really irritated with herself upon completing the interview because she really hates doing that sort of thing over the phone and felt like it didn't go very well. I mention this only because I could sense the tension and irritability, and that tends to upset me because I am one sensitive bitch. It's also a little gray and muggy today.

But, despite being a dog, I hate whining. Call whine-one-one, it's the waahmbulance! I believe in taking action in the face of ennui. So, I thought about what would make me feel better. After some deep reflection, I decided that posting this picture of myself would help exorcise the demons.

Who says you have to go to heaven to find God?


Kaluah-lu said...

Aw, Sid...

You poor baby. If you were here, I'd let you share my slobberball and we could spy on Miss Kitty. I tell you...there's nothing like the taste of fresh kitty truffles to make you forget your troubles.

Love ya,

Sid the Dog said...

Thanks, Lulu. I'd love nothing better than to snack on some kitty truffles (still thinking about our future product line, here...). It certainly sounds preferable to the mundane, unenjoyable crap that humans have to deal with.

Kaluah-lu said...


Is everything all right? I haven't heard from you in...well....days. Did J not fare well in follow-up lectures? Did you get stun by another wasp?

Oh, please say it's much better!

Love ya,