Monday, March 13, 2006

It Is Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Sometimes I like to open up the blog floor to my peeps out there in cyberspace. This post is from my buddy Miles in Montana. Check it.

"Yo, I am Miles Davis C-Man and I am here to tell you that life is one hard m-er f-er for us pimps. I gots the sick life for a dawg, but I is here to drop some truth. I'll bang out the positives first cuz I am one of dam eternal optimists, and I am hopped up on barbs all day, so things look pretty damn fine. I am luckier than Sid cuz - I gots myself a dog door and some hot ass female K-9 accompaniment, if you know what's I'm sayin'. Props to my chocolate deeeelight Selma Sue. Damn, that bitch is H-O-T, I hit that at least 5 times a day and it is fine. Like I was sayin' I spend my daze grabbin some rayz and smoochin on my bitch, but all is not sunshine and hot ass for this Pimp - HELL no. I have a big doggie style job - guarding my territory 24-7. Those bitches that live in my hood thinks that they can be invadin' my ground, those bitches gots another thing comin'! The hoods that really piss me off are the ones that bring their dogs to urinate on my fence, yo, that sh-t just ain't cool. My voice is TIRED from barkin' day after day after day. You think I am barkin' for my health? Get the picture - yo bitch a$$ ain't welcome here - unless you gots the biscuits - hell yeah!
Oh yeah, and those neighborhood bitches think they can sneak up cuz my hearing is going and I can't see so well no more, I is OLD yo! I outsmarted those bitches cuz' I gots my girl workin' our corner to keep me informed of the events, and she can see just fine. Damn.

Man, bitches, walk your a$$es somewhere else, I say, this is the MAYO'S CORNER - step off yo.

Like I be sayin', it is hard out here for a pimp - Peace out."


Dr Pennypacker said...

I Knows Mayo, He be pimpin for reazey. Straight tho dog, you needs to be pickin up Big Daddy Kane new instr-izz-uctional video tape, Pimpin Made Easy. Dat Shiz be da mad chronic, dog, straighten yo dick out.

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