Thursday, March 16, 2006

Proof that Things Can Get Worse

Okay, I've remained silent on political matters for a while now, but this guy (current Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne, recently nominated to be the Secretary of the Interior) is proof that the last scrap of reason is gone. Finished. Done. It's been chewed up like a piece of rawhide only to get regurgitated onto the carpet later when it upsets your stomach, and it's no wonder that reason has been abandoned because let's face it, regurgitated rawhide is gross. I'm a dog, and even I'm aware that this guy is bad news. Now, I'm just a dog, but who nominates a guy who has earned a 1% rating on their League of Conservation Voters' lifetime scorecard to be the Secretary of the Interior? Oh, Bush does? Did he think that Secretary of the Interior is someone who comes in and takes dictation now and then, or perhaps someone who goes around with fabric swatches and paint samples and asks Bush about window treatments while the rest of the cabinet gets to sit at the big table? Because then the choice makes perfect sense. I mean, just look at his face. I've seen King Charles Spaniels with more going on upstairs. Observe.

Now, here is a picture of Samuel Jackson. Ignore the guy next to him, who is dead to me. A 'Hairspray' remake? Please. Anyway, we dogs are very good judges of character, and I'm here to tell you that Samuel Jackson would make a FAR superior Secretary of the Interior. He's forthright, seems very smart, and would kick some serious ass. And at this point, wouldn't that be a refreshing change for the American political system? At this point, since reasons other than common sense seem to dictate how things are run on the human side of things, I really don't see why my choice is any less ridiculous. I don't know if he'd even be interested in the job, and I'm a dog so I really don't have anything to say about who gets awarded Cabinet positions, but I vote for Samuel L. Jackson.
That's enough political activism for now. My next political blog will be about how it makes sense to replace U.N. Ambassador John Bolton with singer Michael Bolton.


Connie said...

Sid - you are the smartest dog I know. Seriously. I laughed my ass off all the way through your blog. Don't stop on the political commentary, please.

VeggieMegan said...

Actually a rock would be a good replacement for any member of this administration, but I don't think you can get Michael Bolton for the UN ambassador. I think he's going to be busy:

As long as it's not that Jedi Samuel L. Jackson. That guy was crap!

Now Ike Turner would make a great UN Ambassador. Him or Bobby Knight, or maybe Zell Miller would be more of a calming force than John "wack off 9 stories of UN building" Bolton.

Nice blog! Good dog!

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