Monday, March 20, 2006

A Quiz About the Important Things

Sometimes I wonder if other people/dogs can guess what I'm thinking. Can you guess?

In this picture, I am unhappy about:
a. The breakdown of organized labor in this country
b. My kibble. Two cups a day is more torture than sustenance.
c. Assholes. Not the kind I sniff, but the ones I see on TV talking about how well things are going.
d. Michael Bolton
e. John Bolton
f. Corbin Bernsen Fan Club (Denver Chapter) for not letting me join.
e. Anthropomorphism
f. Clowns
g. Kempthorne


Connie said...

g. Definately g.

Sid the Dog said...


Connie said...

Most likely it is b. Isn't it?

wally said...

sid, i think i love you.

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