Monday, March 06, 2006

What Would Corbin Do?

My owner, J., was bitching about some stupid law South Dakota's stupid governor signed today. I told her to write Corbin Bernsen about it because whenever I have a problem, I write Corbin Bernsen about that problem and it seems to go away. He never responds, but I like to think of it as sort of praying to God. Sure, maybe he's just some perfect and remote deity who may not communicate back with us when we pray for his assistance, but perhaps the simple act of writing Corbin Bernsen is just a mechanism through which we can discover the answer for ourselves. Or perhaps they do answer our prayers, God and Corbin, but choose to make us think that we are providing our own solutions. It is not for me to pretend to know Corbin. Nor am I really that religious. I can't explain why it works. I can only try to explain to J. that through the simple act of writing Corbin Bernsen, one may find absolution.

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