Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Rodent Runs Through It

This is me hunting baby woodchucks. I thought someone might find the images of me eating the baby woodchucks somewhat disturbing, so I chose an image that I felt captured the nobility of pursuing rodents. Note the determination and the fortitude involved in my eternal quest for nourishment in a world largely devoid of sympathy. Contrast this, if you will, with the pursuits of the Great Oppressors. Fly fishing has been on my mind lately. I understand that many of the Great Oppressors (humans) choose to spend hours in the water trying to catch fish not with the impressive arsenal of explosives that is at their disposal, but with a simple rod and reel combination. I understand that the ones who call themselves "fly fisherpeople" (or "fly fisher Great Oppressors") do not use bait (!!!!) and that they often THROW THE FISH BACK IN THE WATER!!!! If this isn't the sign of a ruling elite driven mad by its excesses, I don't know what is. Even their leisure pursuits are dedicated to the disruption of the natural predator/prey cycle. It's as if they're saying "Oh my, I certainly am hungry. Why, if I don't catch any fish today, I'll certainly starve. Oh, is that a fish on the line? Why it is! Oh, well he certainly is tasty-looking. But, I feel there must be a better fish out there somewhere so I'll simply throw him back. It certainly is wonderful to have all day to spend doing nothing but standing in a river trying to catch animals that I'm not going to eat while my dog sits on the couch at home wondering where in the hell I am. What a wonderful pasttime! It's a good thing I don't need to catch my own food to survive! Leave that to the proletariat!" Hmmph.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sid, I feel for you. Tell your mom and dad to take you with. My mom lets us come along whenever we can, sometimes we even get to go in the boat if we don't squeak. Sometimes they even let us sniff the fish before we throw them back. The only time we got in big trouble was when my mom had a fish on and we both got tangled in the line. She yelled the F- word 800 times in a row and we tried to run away, but like I said we were tangled. Oh well. Well all we have to say is - don't have so much line draping behind you stupid mom, it is half your fault so there. See, fishing is only enhanced with K-9 accompaniment. ENHANCED.

- Miles and Selma Caddis Doggies

Anonymous said...

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