Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm Number One!

This is an exciting day at the Heeler, folks. I was mulling over altering the pseudonyms for the Great Oppressors since I recently discovered that a comic strip already employs this nickname for the humans. You can imagine my embarrassment... I am not a plagiarist! Anyway, I tried Googling "Great Oppressors" to see if I could find an example of the comic strip's use of the term and was excited/ecstatic/overjoyed to discover that Googling "Great Oppressors" puts this blog as the top two results! Granted, Googling "Great Oppressors" also yields a wide variety of strange things, and Googling "Great Oppressor Heeler" turns up a web page that introduces Apocalyptic passages from the Bible and somehow integrates them with the image of a Blue Heeler sniffing out the truth (I'm not even going to paste a link there, but it's as weird as it sounds). Still, the dominance of the Heeler atop the Great Oppressor Google results has made me rethink my initial impulse to rename B and J. I'll have to mull this over... Anyway, the important lesson here is that my quest for liberation is one Google result away from fruition! Viva la Sid!!! Speaking of which, Googling "Sid the Dog" gives my Blogger profile as the number one result. Oh yes... Yes...
While I would like to take credit for the lovely poster art celebrating the dominance of Australian Cattle Dogs, I cannot. But I do feel like it captures the spirit of my movement. I am also trying to figure out how to get the following item on either B or J's car without either of them noticing.

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder. The revolution is nigh!


wally said...

google rules! i'm still planning a lawsuit against desmond morris for "the naked ape."

i like the breed posters but when will they recognize that mutts are the most likely to achieve world domination? we will rule someday, sid.

Sid the Dog said...

Good luck with the lawsuit! I've said it once and I'll say it again- Screw Desmond Norris!!!
Mutts are the wave of the future. We may not have a poster (to be fair, I guess you can't really have a poster for us since we all look so different), but who needs a poster when you have the world in one's grasp?

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, okay. Let's not split hairs here, my brothers and sisters.

Mutts and pure breeds need to band together against the facists that only give us one biscuit per day.

We love them and sit on their feet, but they need to know that someday the leash will be on the other neck and god damn it, every biscuit they give us will be remembered when we decide who gets locked in the kennel and who gets to lay in the grass all day.

Naked Apes, Great Opressors, Poop Baggers, Mommie Dearest, let ye be warned, Selma is here trying to unite both pure breeds, of which I am amongst the esteemed ranks.

I want to go for walks EVERY DAY. I want to eat WHENEVER, WHATEVER, AND ALL OF THE FOOD I want. I want to play with cats and god damn it, I want to catch that *%$^# squirrel. Revoultion - sign me up!

-Laborador Revoultionary

Anonymous said...

Um - I meant to say Selma is here trying to unite both pure breeds, of which I am amongst the esteemed ranks, AND MUTTS.

I got distracted thinking about canned food.



Sid the Dog said...

hear, hear, Selma. Here's to dog solidarity (dogitarity?). Besides, we need the unleashed power of your, er, gassy "emissions" to conquer our enemies.

Anonymous said...

If my farts can serve the revoultion, I am proud.

-Gassy Labrador Revoultionary