Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

A large amount of press is being dedicated to the Derby Fire in Montana, a blaze which just happened to flare up in Great Oppressor J's part of the forest. What hasn't made the papers is how I helped extinguish a different backcountry blaze that could have easily flared up into something much larger. Here is the fire when we found it... The best part is that somebody started this 5' by 4' by 2' smoker by lighting their toilet paper on fire instead of packing it out. People are animals.

Here is the fire after George Clooney and I put it out.

Well, really, I guess that B technically put it out. But I like to imagine George Clooney and myself running back and forth from the stream, desperately throwing water on the smoking earth before tragedy strikes and the fire flares up, giving the evil minions in the current political administration a reason to allow Haliburton to come in and perform salvage logging operations in the wilderness. And then George would mop the sweat from his brow, take off his t-shirt, rub his two-day old stubble thoughtfully, and look into the distance as the James Horner soundtrack swells and the camera cuts to a closeup of me looking pensive. And then there will be a shot of an Indian with tears in his eyes. What an exciting backpacking trip!!!


wally said...

Well done Sid! Did you use some of your, erm, yellow snow making abilities to help put out the fire?

I understand George Clooney has a pig that he loves very much. Who knew?

Connie said...

George has some cool socks.

Sid the Dog said...

I was mostly just moral support for B, uh, George... I would have helped with some strategic sprinkles of Sid's Magic Stuff ("urine" sounds so common)but I was a little dehydrated from the hike up.
Lucky pig!

Simon said...

George is Poopbagger's "plus one" for weddings and other events. Good to see he also helps out Smokey Bear. He is one classy guy.