Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rescue Me

My friend Wally's blog has recently featured an array of noble corgadors looking for good homes. Of course, I am fully dedicated to eventual dog independence, but as a rescue dog myself, I can fully attest that shelters are not places from which we can launch the revolution. Wally's blog got me thinking about corgi mixes. My own Great Oppressors have fond memories of Mr. Turtle, a corgi/chihuahua mix with three and a half functional legs (fused hip that gave him trouble when he ran) who belonged to a professor of theirs. B lived with Mr. T for nearly a year whilst said professor was on sabbatical and has fond memories of the little guy.
So, intrigued, I got on Petfinder to see if there were any heeler/corgi crosses. I wasn't going to post any since this was Wally's idea, but I was just too moved by the following pictures to avoid it. So, for one day only, I present some Heelcorg and other miscellaneous crossbred brethren who need a pull up on the old bootstraps.
1. Meet Jacqueline.

Jacqueline and her daughter were found in an abandoned garage with 7 puppies (cue violin music here). The puppies were Jacqueline's grandkids, but her daughter rejected them and Jacqueline nursed them instead (turn the volume up on those violins). Everyone in the little family has been adopted except for Jacqueline (this just isn't fair!!!), and she sounds like a sweet little lady by the sounds of her foster parents' description. Free Jacqueline!

2. Meet Wazzie.

There isn't much information on Wazzie, who is actually an Australian Shepherd/Corgi cross who lives in Utah. But just look at him!!! The merle coat! The eyes! He's fabulous!!!
3. Meet Goliath.

Okay, so Goliath is obviously not a corgi cross, but a Great Pyrenees/Heeler cross. I think the description on Petfinder says it best...
"Goliath was owner surrendered with his brother "Brother" after they flunked out of sheep herding school for playing. He is housebroke. He is playful and good with cats. He never runs off. He did get a chance at a new home but, was returned when the new boyfriend thought he was ugly. He really deserves another chance at a forever home. * Note: This shelter is ran out of my home so please call for an appointment before coming to the shelter. Thank you."
"...the boyfriend thought he was ugly." Yeah, and I'm sure the boyfriend is a real prize. I think Goliath is very handsome. The worst part of it all? Goliath lives in (cue dark, scary, music) ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING, the foulest, most windswept, depressing, awful, did I mention "depressing," craphole of a town in the Western U.S. My Great Oppressors and I are united in our hatred of this town. Please help get Goliath OUT OF THERE!


wally said...

there is a specter haunting the naked ape oppressors, the specter of dogocracy. you are doing wonderful work here and now that our species-consciousness is developing, i have no doubt it is only a matter of time before the structure of naked ape society will fall under the weight of its own ridiculousness. how long can such a reckless and self-centered civilization endure? seriously, "boyfriend," goliath is totally hot and if you looked in the mirror you'd realize that naked apes have very little going for them in the looks or brains department.

it's very sweeet of you to help out the corgis. dogs of the world UNITE!

Simon said...

Wuz Up Wazzie! Now that's a dog I could party with. I dig his style.
As for the "boyfriend" - let his days be filled with petty vanity and unfullfillment. I poop on him.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Sid,

I hope all these doggies find their "furever" homes soon - thanks for posting about them.


Kaluah-lu said...


You've been tagged! Go to my blog to see what to do! Sorry...it's Buster's fault!


Buckley said...

Yo...I am the perfect example of a corgie-heeler who was "rescued" and is doing just fine. In fact I am now the poster child for corgheelers and perfectly willing to set the standard for the new breed.