Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks for the Camera!

This is my new film, "Bitch Got the Blues," starring me, directed by me, and edited by me. Cinematography is by Great Oppressor B, music by J. As you can see, I am very musical. J is pretty bad on the harmonica, so I'm looking for a new accompanist. Perhaps I will sing my way to freedom! Hmmm... I think I need to rent an inpirational movie about a singer fighting the oppressive confines of modern society. I wonder if B and J will notice if I add "Sid and Nancy" to their Netflix queue?


Kaluah-lu said...

Oh, baby...

you can croon for me anytime, anyplace,anyhow.

What a guy..


Connie said...

You ROCK! Your G.O.J. ain't too bad on the harmonica either.